2019 High School Award Winners
Overall MVP & Most Athletic & Fastest Skill Player: Caleb Farr, Gouverneur
Quarterback: Dominic Monacelli, Massena
Running Back: Cayden Stowell, Gouverneur
Wide Receiver: Mitchell Shippee, Gouverneur
Offensive Line: Colt Lyndaker, Lowville
Tight End: Mark Perry Jr., Massena
Defensive Line & Most Athletic Lineman: Preston Guynup, Massena
Linebacker: Joseph Cummings, Gouverneur Defensive Back: Adam Calton, Canton
Most Improved & Fastest Lineman: Nick Embry, Gouverneur
Brian Leonard Award: Nate Pennyman, Canton

2019 Youth Award Winners
Overall MVP & Most Athletic Skill Player: Hayden Stowell, Gouverneur
Quarterback: Brady Black, General Brown
Running Back & Fastest Skill Player: Joshua Love, North Attleboro (MA)
Wide Receiver: Joshua Daniels, Peru
Offensive Line: Tucker Nichols, Gouverneur
Defensive Line & Most Athletic & Fastest Lineman: Collin LaDuke, Peru
Linebacker: John-Michael Leader, Gouverneur
Defensive Back: Zakkary Larue, Carthage
Most Improved: Grant Young, Gouverneur

2018 High School Award Winners
Overall MVP & Most Athletic & Fastest Skill Player: Peyton Schmitt, Gouverneur
Quarterback: Ian DeTulleo, Plattsburgh
Running Back: Adam Calton, Canton 
Wide Receiver: Pat Recker, Canton 
Offensive Line: Logan Garrison, Gouverneur 
Defensive Line: Damien Zawatski, General Brown
Linebacker: Jacob Shippee, Gouverneur
Defensive Back: Caleb Farr, Gouverneur
Most Improved: Collin Hulbert, Lowville 
Most Athletic Lineman: Daniel Hall, Gouverneur
Fastest Lineman (Tie): Kyler Teriele (Ticonderoga), Logan Garrison (Gouverneur)
Brian Leonard Award: Kyler Teriele (Ticonderoga)

2018 Youth Award Winners
Overall MVP & Fastest Skill Player: Alex Clancy, Saranac 
Quarterback: Zach Lucia, Saranac 
Running Back: John Michael Leader, Gouverneur
Wide Receiver: Peyton Viau, Beekmantown
Offensive Line & Most Athletic Lineman: Gunner Simmons, Gouverneur
Defensive Line: Gage Cornell, Gouverneur 
Linebacker: Holden Stowell, Gouverneur
Defensive Back & Most Athletic Skill Player: Cayden Bouvia, Saranac
Most Improved: Payton Kirby, Gouverneur
Fastest Lineman: Alex Ordway, Gouverneur

2017 High School Award Winners

Overall MVP & Most Athletic & Fastest Skill: Peyton Schmitt, Gouverneur

Quarterback: Brody Fairburn, Myers Riders

Running Back: Tim Langdon, Franklin Academy

Wide Receiver & Defensive Back: Steven Prior, Watertown

Offensive Line: Dylan Brooks, Franklin Academy

Defensive Line: Kyler TeRiele, Tupper Lake

Linebacker: David Hutchins, Massena

Fastest Lineman: Brock Cox, Gouverneur

Most Athletic Lineman: Mike Ward, Moriah

Most Improved: Eric Lamay, Ogdensburg

Brian Leonard Award: Colin Hubert, Lowville

2017 Youth Award Winners

Overall MVP & Most Athletic SkillTrayton Tupper, Gouverneur

Quarterback: Conner Wood, Gouverneur

Running Back: Skylar Casey, Gouverneur

Wide Receiver: Peyton Viau, Beekmantown

Offensive Line: Archie Green, Ogdensburg

Defensive Line: Gage Cornell, Gouverneur

Linebacker: Kyle Savage, Gouverneur

Defensive Back & Fastest Skill: Dylan Winchell, Warrenburg

Most Athletic & Fastest Lineman: Matt Rugar, Saranac

Most Improved: Julian Wenzel, Tri-Town


2016 High School Award Winners
Quarterback & Overall MVP: Joseph Dalton, Ogdensburg 
Running Back: Joshua Cameron, Massena 
Wide Receiver: Micheal Brown, Massena 
Offensive Line & Most Athletic Lineman & Fastest Lineman: Cody Burns, Gouverneur 
Defensive Line: Kyler TeRiele, Tupper Lake
Linebacker: Jack Farrand, Gouverneur 
Defensive Back: Caleb Farr, Gouverneur 
Most Athletic & Fastest Skill: Peyton Schmitt, Gouverneur 
Most Improved: Roberto Gonzalez, Moriah

2016 Youth Award Winners

Quarterback & Most Athletic Skill & Overall MVP: Joseph Cummings, Gouverneur 
Brian Leonard Award: Holden Stowell, Gouverneur 
Running Back: Skyler Casey, Gouverneur 
Wide Receiver: Alex Clancy, Saranac 
Tight End: Archie Green, Ogdensburg 
Offensive Line: Lee Sovie, Ogdensburg 
Defensive Line: Gannon Lynch, Indian River
Linebacker: Sean Farrand, Gouverneur 
Defensive Back & Fastest Skill: Jonathan Smith, South Jefferson 
Fastest Lineman & Most Athletic Lineman: Brock Cox, Gouverneur 
Most Improved: Julian Wenzel, Tri-Town

2015 High School Award Winners

Quarterback: Joseph Dalton, Ogdensburg Free Academy
Running Back: Mark Crump, St. Lawrence High School
Wide Receiver: Stephen Prior, Watertown High School
Offensive Lineman & Brian Leonard Award: Nathan Rishe, Ogdensburg Free Academy
Tight End: Andrew Layng, Ogdensburg Free Academy
Defensive Lineman & Most Athletic & Fastest Lineman: James Root, Potsdam High School
Linebacker & Overall MVP: Joey Bush, Gouverneur High School
Defensive Back: Avery Love, Ogdensburg Free Academy
Most Athletic & Fastest Skill: Chad Curio, Gouverneur High School
Most Improved: Bradley Hillier, Ogdensburg Free Academy

2015 Youth Award Winners

Quarterback & Overall MVP: Brody Fairbairn, Cornwall Wildcats
Running Back & Most Athletic Skill: Cayden Stowell, Gouverneur 
Wide Receiver & Fastest Skill: Jacob Morin, Cornwall Wildcats
Offensive Lineman: Jarrett Reed, Massena
Tight End: Casey Breyette, Tupper Lake
Defensive Lineman: Gavin Evans, Gouverneur 
Linebacker: Zach Kirka, Potsdam 
Defensive Back: Joseph Cummings, Gouverneur 
Most Athletic & Fastest Lineman: Brock Cox, Gouverneur 
Most Improved: Connor Wood, Gouverneur

2014 High School Award Winners

Quarterback: Ben Casey, Gouverneur High School
Running Back & Fastest Skill: Jose Flores, Gouverneur High School
Wide Receiver: Cade Stevens, Gouverneur High School
Offensive Lineman: Jordan Chambers, Gouverneur High School
Tight End: Caleb Gomes, Saint Lawrence High School
Defensive Lineman & Overall MVP: Zachary Rottier, Potsdam High School
Linebacker: Aaron McEathron, Gouverneur High School
Defensive Back: Matt Thibault, Messena High School
Most Athletic Skill: Rico Dobbs, Canton High School
Most Athletic Lineman: Nicholas Melillo, Gouverneur High School
Most Improved: Eric Mullin, South Jefferson High School
Fastest Lineman: Trenton Yerdon, Ogdensburg Free Academy
Brian Leonard Award: Troy Gates, Gouverneur High School

2014 Youth Award Winners 

Quarterback & Overall MVP: Brody Fairbairn, Cornwell Wildcats
Running Back: Micheal Briggs, Thousand Islands
Wide Receiver: Cory Woodward, Lowville
Offensive Lineman: Kyler Teriele, Tupper Lake
Tight End: Seth Miller, Beaver River
Defensive Lineman & Most Athletic Lineman: Gavin Evans, Gouverneur
Linebacker: Spencer Barclay, Cornwell Wildcats
Defensive Back & Fastest Skill: Timothy Langdon, Malone Huskies
Most Athletic Skill: Cayden Stowell, Gouverneur
Most Improved: Most Improved: Ron Ward Jr., Moriah
Fastest Lineman: Brock Cox, Gouverneur

2013 High School Award Winners
Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Outstanding Tight End, Most Athletic Lineman, and Fastest Lineman: Miles Sexton, Immaculate Heart High School

Most Athletic & Fastest Skill Player: Jose Flores, Gouverneur High School

Most Outstanding Quarterback: Mike Burns, St. Lawrence High School

Most Outstanding Running Back: Garrison Barcomb, Canton High School

Most Outstanding Wide Receiver: Jeremiah Minyard, Lincoln High School

Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Kevin Goolden, Ogdensburg Free Academy

Most Outstanding Defensive Lineman: Michael Mandigo, Gouverneur High School

Most Outstanding Linebacker: Aaron McEathron, Gouverneur High School

Most Outstanding Defensive Back: Benjamin Casey, Gouverneur High School

Most Improved: Jared Morrill, St. Lawrence High School

Brian Leonard Award: Troy Gates, Gouverneur High School

2013 Youth Award Winners
Most Valuable Player (MVP) & Most Outstanding Linebacker: MeSean Johnson, Ogdensburg

Most Outstanding Tight End & Defensive Lineman: Marcus Hills, Beaver River Central School

Most Outstanding Running Back & Most Athletic Skill Player: Michael Briggs, Thousand Islands Vikings

Most Outstanding Quarterback: Brody Fairbairn, Cornwall Wildcats

Most Outstanding Wide Receiver: Ryan Cassidy, Thousand Islands

Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Garret Decker, Indian River

Most Outstanding Defensive Back: Conner Anderson, Moriah Central

Most Athletic & Fastest Lineman: Wyatt Mullin, Beaver River

Fastest Skill Player: Paul Dimmick, Sacket Harbor Central School

Most Improved: Spencer Barclay, Cornwall Wildcats

2012 High School Award Winners
Fastest Skill Player: Oden Robertson 
Fastest Lineman: Tanner Spilman
Most Outstanding Quarterback: David Adams
Most Outstanding Running Back: Oden Robertson 
Most Outstanding Wide Receiver: Levi Wright
Most Outstanding Tight End: Miles Sexton
Most Outstanding Offensive Line: Nathan Rishe
Most Outstanding Defensive Line: Michael Mandigo 
Most Outstanding Linebacker: Hunter Ayen
Most Outstanding Defensive Back: J.P. King
Most Athletic Skill Player: Mark Horne
Most Athletic Lineman: Miles Sexton
Most Improved Trophy: Andrew Ace
Most Valuable Player: Hunter Ayen (Not Pictured)
Brian Leonard Award: Cody Peters

2012 Youth Award Winners
Fastest Skill Player: Michael Briggs
Fastest Lineman: Paul Dimmick
Most Outstanding Quarterback: Jack Marra
Most Outstanding Running Back: Michael Briggs
Most Outstanding Wide Receiver: Bryley Frederick
Most Outstanding Tight End: Jared Morrill
Most Outstanding Offensive Line: Peyten Cronk
Most Outstanding Defensive Line: Adam Parker
Most Outstanding Linebacker: Brock Miller
Most Outstanding Defensive Back: Brody Fairbairn
Most Athletic Skill Player: Michael Briggs
Most Athletic Lineman: Anthony Pistolesi
Most Improved Trophy: Spencer Barclay
Most Valuable Player: Michael Briggs

2011 High School Award Winners

2011 Youth Award Winners

2010 High School and Youth Award Winners

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